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FNF Character Test Playground

About FNF Character Test Playground


The FNF Character Test Playground was developed by MadManToss as part of the Friday Night Funkin' universe testing project. Create your own version of karaoke by choosing a song to sing from among the voices of a number of different characters.

How to go about it

You are required to follow particular song charts in the standard mods that are available on our website in order to get to the end of the song, which is when you are given the title of winner. The FNF testing games allow you to build your own song and dance, and each sound you make is mapped to a different dance move. Because of this, there are no rules associated with these games.

These ones, much like the ordinary ones, put the spotlight on a different new character, but Boyfriend is typically nowhere to be found in them. The fact that you can have multiple kinds of interactions with the same characters makes this experience even more enjoyable.