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FNF vs Boyfriend Corruption Nightmare Mod


About FNF vs Boyfriend Corruption Nightmare Mod


FNF vs Boyfriend Corruption Nightmare Mod is a thrilling arcade game. You have to defeat the scariness of Boyfriend from the nightmare by hitting music notes.

In this game, your task is to hit the correct musical notes in the correct order and time to score points. Try to avoid missing the notes if you don't want to lose in this exciting game.

The main character is the Boyfriend character who frequently appears in the FNF game series. This version still has his appearance but with a different look. Different from everyone's smiling and dutiful look, now Boyfriend is extremely afraid because of nightmares. Help him out of his nightmare by winning the game in Free Play mode. This game only has Free Play mode with the only option, Phantasm. Try to conquer this puzzle! However, it is challenging for many players because of the fast-paced gameplay.

Features of FNF vs Boyfriend Corruption Nightmare Mod

  • Fast-paced and engaging gameplay
  • Only one mode: Free Play
  • Colourful graphics and cool effects

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to play this game