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FNF vs Bob & Bosip (The Expansion Update) Mod

About FNF vs Bob & Bosip (The Expansion Update) Mod


FNF vs Bob & Bosip (The Expansion Update) Mod is a newly updated game of the FNF game series. Your mission is to compete with Bob and Bosip in music battles.

Compete with brothers Bob and Bosip in an intense musical battle. In this game you have to use the arrow keys to hit the musical notes. Musical notes are simulated by arrows with 4 basic directions: up, down, left and right. Use the corresponding arrow to hit correctly and score points. Avoid missing too many notes. If that happens, the game is over. This game has two game modes: Story Mode and Free Play. If you join Story Mode, you will have the opportunity to enjoy 4 different options with many opponents. Free Play mode continues to give you more options.

List of options in Free Way mode

  • Jump in
  • Swing
  • Split
  • Oblique Fracture
  • Groovy Brass
  • Conscience
  • Yap Squad
  • Intertwined
  • Copy-cat
  • Jump-out
  • Ronald McDonald slides

Each option brings you unique experiences with distinct songs and rhythms. You can enjoy enjoyable sounds to entertain after hard-working days.

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Features of FNF vs Bob & Bosip (The Expansion Update) Mod

  • The addictive music arcade game
  • 2 game modes with various options
  • Vivid graphics and cool effects

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to play this game