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FNF vs Edd, Tord (ChallengEdd) Mod

About FNF vs Edd, Tord (ChallengEdd) Mod


FNF vs Edd, Tord (ChallengEdd) Mod is an attractive music battle game. In this game, you need to hit as many music notes as possible to defeat Edd, Tord.

Unlike other versions, this version has only one Story Mode with the only option being Challeng-Edd. You can change the difficulty of the game with 3 different levels: Easy, Normal and Hard. You should try Easy first because this game has fast-paced gameplay. It's challenging for many players.

In the FNF vs Edd, Tord (ChallengEdd) Mod game, you will fight Edd, Tord, a tall character with a green hoodie. The fight took place right in front of the Girlfriend's house. As a Boyfriend, try your best to hit the notes and get the highest score possible to win your Girlfriend's heart. You will lose if you miss too many music notes. Good luck!

Features of FNF vs Edd, Tord (ChallengEdd) Mod

  • The fascinating and addictive arcade game
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Fast-paced gameplay

How to play

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to play the game