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FNF but Boyfriend Dies (Goodbye World) Mod

About FNF but Boyfriend Dies (Goodbye World) Mod


FNF but Boyfriend Dies (Goodbye World) Mod is an arcade game in which your mission is to control and hit correctly music notes to gain the highest score.

In this version, there is only one Free Play mode with only one Goodbye World song. This is a special version because Boyfriend died in the plot of this game. After exhausting days of fighting, Boyfriend stopped forever in his girlfriend's grief. The song Goodbye World is like a boyfriend saying goodbye to his whole world, Girlfriend. Will she be able to hear it? Help him out and say goodbye to someone he loves.

This game still follows the same rules of the FNF series of games with the use of arrow keys to play musical notes. Let’s participate in the new volume to entertain and improve your reflexes. FNF but Boyfriend Dies (Goodbye World) Mod í predicted to bring you wonderful relaxing moments.

Features of FNF but Boyfriend Dies (Goodbye World) Mod

The entertainment music game
Colorful graphics

You will be more surprised with the fnf mods game that includes all challenges and conquests in music, try it and feel

How to play

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to play the game