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FNF vs Stickman Mod


About FNF vs Stickman Mod


FNF vs Stickman Mod is an intriguing music arcade game for singleplayer. In this game, you have to defeat a stickman by hitting more music notes correctly.

Let's continue the fight of the Boyfriend character in this new version! In this game, you will be responsible for controlling your Boyfriend to use the arrow keys to hit musical notes. Hit the correct notes more than your opponent to win. You won't know the level of your opponent, so try your best to get the highest score possible.

Stickman was working in his dark room when he heard noises from the next room. Stickman opened the door between the two rooms and discovered something unexpected. It's Boyfriend and Girlfriend preparing for music competitions. Not knowing out of sacrifice or curiosity, Stickman joined the game and competed with Boyfriend. Is anybody going to be the winner? Start the game and show off your abilities!

Features of FNF vs Stickman Mod

  • The attractive and competitive battle between Boyfriend and Stickman
  • Colourful graphics and superb art animations
  • 2 game modes with various options

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to play this game