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FNF vs RetroSpecter Mod

About FNF vs RetroSpecter Mod


FNF vs RetroSpecter Mod is a superb and attractive music battle for singleplayer. You can experience music battles while fighting to defeat RetroSpecter.

In this game, you are responsible for hitting the notes in the right order at the right time to score points. In this new version, your opponent is Retrospecter. In order to defeat him, you need to use your full ability to adapt to the fast-paced rhythmic tunes in the two modes.

The first mode, Story Mode, will expose you to battle tracks with options like Standard, No-Fail, and Free Style. You need to complete the previous mode before unlocking the next modes. You can select one of the 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Hard. In Free Play mode, you need to complete the Retro stage before moving to the Spectral stage. Each stage has unique excitement and joy. Practice your skills and try all stages in this attractive arcade game!

Features of FNF vs RetroSpecter Mod

  • The superb music arcade game
  • Eye-catching and vivid graphics
  • Various options with 3 levels of difficulty

How to play

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to play the game