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FNF vs Suicide Mouse V2 Mod

About FNF vs Suicide Mouse V2 Mod


FNF vs Suicide Mouse V2 Mod is an intriguing arcade game for you to enjoy superb rhythms while competing with Suicide Mouse to gain victory.

Come to this game to compete with Suicide Mouse, a famous cartoon character. Like previous versions of FNF, this version also offers you two modes Story Mode and Free Play. When Boyfriend and Girlfriend went out together, Boyfriend bumped into Suicide Mouse and they challenged each other which led to music wars. Use arrow keys to follow the musical notes. In Story Mode, you will have a Tutorial and a challenge section. In Free Play mode, you have more options with Unhappy, Happy, Really Happy, and Smile. The happier Suicide Mouse is, the faster and stronger the tunes of the tracks.

This game is a fast-paced game, so it's challenging for many players. However, you can practice in the Tutorial section in both two game modes.

Tips of FNF vs Nonsense

  • Practice carefully to grasp all necessary skills
  • Hit notes when you see the arrows soon come to the destination
  • Keep calm although you miss some notes

Continue to conquer the next Mods in the fnf mods game if you have passed the challenge in this game, all the Mods available here are very diverse and do not disappoint you in any Mods.

How to play

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to play the game