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Alu's Revenge 2

About Alu's Revenge 2


Welcome to Alu's Revenge 2 game. Your mission is to eliminate all stones on the playing ground. You can play this game on mobile or desktop.

How to play Alu's Revenge 2

The genie is furious! The game grows tougher as the stones fall faster with each level. Click on clusters of two or more stones of the same color to remove them. Look for unusual stones that can be used to clear columns or rows. Will you be able to keep up, or will the genie take the victory? You need to be quick because the stones also drop very fast. When you get enough given stones, you can level up. Of course, the higher the levels are, the more problems you have to face. This game requires agility. Can you conquer this game? If you can win this game, you can challenge yourself with Troll Face Quest: Video Memes And TV Shows Part 2, Troll Face Quest Video Memes And TV Shows Part 1, FNF Mods, and Four Colors World Tour Multiplayer.

Game control

Click the left mouse button to clear all stones.