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Ba Da Bean Dance Party


About Ba Da Bean Dance Party


Come and enjoy with Ba Da Bean Dance Party. This is a unique game, join the dance and music party with many interesting characters.

The dancing game that everyone will be eager to join, ready to join now if not yet? This is the game that will give you an experience that we are sure you will love from start to finish.

Learn the game

Start at the tutorial level where you will master all the fundamentals and move on to the intermediate level where you will progress and become a great dancer by the time you reach the finish line.

Watch as the arrow icons on your ruler's side enter the circle, when they do, tap the corresponding arrow at the same time to jump.

You win if you complete the task before the timer runs out, which happens if you make too many mistakes and if the progress bar at the top is full.

We hope you won't miss any fun once you fully grasp the concept of the game and are ready to start playing right now.

How to play

Use the arrow keys.