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About Blocks


You want to test your brain, Blocks is a logic puzzle game with 100 levels to twist your brain. Join now to prove you're awesome

How do you win many levels here, it's quite interesting. Each challenge given is different, the difficulty level will increase gradually

There are square blocks with different colors, please calculate to help 3 square blocks of the same color lie next to each other as quickly as possible, calculate correctly. This game is a real challenge for your mind! I think you will finish well

There are many directions, but do not waste time, think about which way is correct and fastest, if you pass you will move to a new challenge.

This is a game suitable for all ages, especially students, need to train your brain better, test your IQ right away!

Move blocks in a line to make them disappear until any block is left on the level. “R” - Restart Level “E” - Undo last action “S” - Sound “M” - Music “Esc” - Menu Playable on mobile devices with touch screen too!
Wish you happy gaming!