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Blumgi Rocket

About Blumgi Rocket


Blumgi Rocket is a fun game, you try to pass different levels with your car, keep the momentum and shoot at high speed.

Driving a fast car through colorful stages with obstacles is fun. At full speed, go through tunnels, through mountains, uphill. Rockets are fired while you experience the excitement of beautiful slow motion animation. As long as you can shoot harder, hold the rocket button.

Show strength

Your power will increase as you keep holding the rocket button. To complete stages faster and wow your fans, perform feats while you're in the air. By winning the game and beating every level you can unlock new car skins.

Perform tricks while you're in the air to complete levels faster and wow your audience. By passing and completing each level, you can unlock additional car colors. Can you play Blumgi Rocket quickly?

How to play

Use WASD keys to control the car and press SPACEBAR to gain momentum.