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Bob The Robber


About Bob The Robber


Bob The Robber is an adventure game where you transform into a thief to steal money and complete challenges, avoiding guards and stealing valuable treasures.

In Bob the Robber 1, do some adventurous heists! Bob enjoys supporting people with his unlocking and anti-theft abilities since he was raised in the fascinating stories of hero Robin Hood. The first game in the series, Bob the Robber 1, chronicles the protagonist's entry into the world of thieves. This adventure includes encounters with guards, security cameras, dangerous guard dogs, and shadows. Put the mask on and do the stages slowly. Silence and stealth is the first motto of effective theft!

Everyone may enjoy playing Bob the Robber 1 game. The two important components of the game are stealth and puzzles. You'll run across closed doors, buried wealth, ominous sentinels, and ferocious guard dogs as you progress through the levels. Be quiet please! You can be damaged by the slightest squeak. In each level your goal is to commit the theft without being detected. You will need to unlock the door and get past the security staff.

Bob is a skilled and cunning thief who always has a reliable padlock in his pocket. When the time is right, release the mechanism by inserting the locking pin into the opening and closing of the door. It may be necessary to turn off the laser at certain levels. To do that, locate the appropriate fuse box and cut the cable. The guards were overconfident, and they often roamed without noticing what was behind them. There will be a weak point! To successfully defeat the cold sentinels, Bob must wait for the right moment and fade into the darkness. Bob can continue now that the security guards have been removed. But if you get caught by one of the many surveillance cameras, things may not go as you expected! To avoid being seen, hide in the dark, go upstairs or run towards the camera and stand directly below the camera. It almost worked! Next time, be a little more careful. If you set an alarm, you won't be able to do it.


  • There are 5 different levels, try to complete them
  • Different types of opponents to overcome
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Sneak around and don't get caught
  • There are more parts to play in the next games


  • Use your keyboard and mouse to do your challenges