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Bob the Robber 2

About Bob the Robber 2


Bob the Robber 2 is the second installment of the Bob the Robber series, you'll find yourself in the center of an unexpected adventure. Bob is live evidence that the person who said all burglars are awful had never met somebody like him before making such a blanket statement. It would seem that none of the other heroes are paying attention to the impending threat to the city since they are all concerned with other things. This time around, it is up to Bob to figure out how to fix the issue that has arisen. You have been tasked with providing assistance to a local thief in order to save the city in this action-packed adventure that involves sneaking about and stealing items. Cloak and dagger time!

There aren't many instances in which a thief comes to a city's aid, but the nature of Bob's work assures that nothing is ever predictable. He takes great pleasure in putting his kleptomaniac urges to productive use, and with your help, he is able to effectively carry out any illegal plot. On this tour of the city, you will view the city from a vantage point that you have never seen it from before, so be ready to have your mind blown. The second game in the Bob the Robber series comprises 10 unique stages, and each one has a different set of challenges, such as guards, trap doors, and surveillance cameras. Overall, the game is rather challenging. You cannot advance to the next level unless you have completed the objectives of the current level. The basic purpose of this kind of action is to steal anything without drawing anyone's attention to yourself in the process. There will be barriers in your path to the objective of the level, such as doors that are locked, security guards that patrol the area, and surveillance cameras. If you have a lock pick, you can use it to unlock the doors if you wish to. The security personnel who are patrolling the area have made it somewhat more difficult to avoid detection. You will have the upper hand if you hide in the shadows until you find the proper time to ambush a passing guard from behind and knock him unconscious. The installation of surveillance cameras raises its own one-of-a-kind set of concerns. Each and every one of them has a blind spot just beneath the point at where the camera pivots. If you stay perfectly motionless when you are standing in one of these blind spots, you won't be found out until someone else spots you first. If the room you are in contains security cameras, you will find shadows near the cameras that you may use as a hiding spot. These shadows will be close to the cameras. After you have shown that you are capable of avoiding the cameras, the following challenge, which takes the form of electronic doors, will be offered to you. You are going to have to purposefully damage the circuit board in order to get them unlocked. The good news is that you can pick up more goods inside the levels itself, and the bad news is that you can spend the money that you've acquired from the levels to buy new stuff from the shop. Your capability to pull off this heist will ultimately influence what happens to the city. Can you make sure Bob doesn't get busted?


  • This is the second outing in the series starring Bob the Robber.
  • Gameplay based on a platform puzzler and stealth
  • Acquire several practical items.
  • Overcome diverse opponents and hurdles

How to play

To move about in the game, you must use the arrow keys. To attack the guards, press and hold the space bar.