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Boom Push

About Boom Push


Boom Push is a free and highly entertaining puzzle game. Your mission is to need more troops so you can push the big bomb towards your enemies.

An addictive casual puzzle game called Boom Push. You and your opponent must destroy each other's castles by pushing bombs together. If your opponent outnumbers you, gather as many as you can because the explosives will then make your castle explode. Each level gives you three chances to win. If you get the upper hand and drop three bombs on each other's castles, you prevail.

Nations of blue and red men are at war with each other. The homeland of the Blues has been invaded by the Red Devils who want to dominate it. In the video game Boom Push, you will control the defense force and assist the green team to victory. You will be able to see a specific area on the screen in front of you. Your little blue ones will be on one side and your little red ones on the other. There is a bomb with a bright fuse in the center.

You'll have to traverse the area and gather more individuals while skillfully manipulating your party. You will then lead them to the bomb and start directing it towards the enemy. Run away as soon as she gets close to the enemy. The bomb will eventually explode, destroying the enemy. You will advance to the next level and as a result get points in the game Boom Push.

How to play

Use YOUR MOUSE and start playing the game!