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Burnin Rubber Multiplayer

About Burnin Rubber Multiplayer


Burnin Rubber Multiplayer is racing game. To be the last one left, you and the other players will engage in a fierce car battle, competing for victory.

You define the rules of the contest in Burnin Rubber Multiplayer! Choose from a variety of luxurious speed monsters, show off your power and add to your priceless collection! Develop your fighting abilities on the track and come up with innovative methods to destroy your opponent's vehicles.

With this competitive multiplayer challenge, test your driving skills! Join online gaming communities, invite friends via game link and compete to crash the most cars! This is an endurance event, not a speed race! So prepare for a hail of bullets while you sit back and recheck your seat belt. The basics of the game are pretty simple: you have to collect all your boosters and then blow up anything that moves.

Pay attention to your timer and health meter. To replenish your health bar and gain an edge over your opponents, collect green boosters scattered across the track. To unlock new attacks and increase damage, buy boosters in the store. Use game chat to interact with the game lobby while following the action on the game map in the top left corner. This feature allows you to continue playing with the same team while planning new games.

How to play

Spacebar is used to increase nitro, arrow keys or W, A, S, D keys are used to move and mouse is used to shoot.