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Candy Match 2

About Candy Match 2


Candy Match 2 is an arcade game where you have to destroy all delicious candies. Make a clever strategy to clear all candies on the screen. Good luck!

Pass the stages in Candy Match 2

You will need to finish a lot of stages and go through several chapters in this game. You must click and drag candies to move them in each stage. Sweets of the same sort may be combined with relocated and/or chosen candy. You want to organize sweets that are alike into groups of at least three.

Before starting to play on each stage, you will be given a task. It details how much candy has to be taken out of each piece. The accomplishment of your objective will make it much simpler to answer the riddle. You have a limited number of movements. Set a goal for yourself to use those moves to finish each stage. If you are having problems finishing the level, you can use bonuses. When you can pass over all stages, you can challenge yourself with Solitaire Tripeaks, Garden Tales 2, Candy Match, and FNF Mods.

Game control: use the mouse.