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Cannon Ball Shoot


About Cannon Ball Shoot


In Cannon Ball Shoot, enjoy a fun ball shooting game. In each level, the player must shoot a cannonball at a specific item and destroy it.

Shoot balls with your upgraded cannon in this simple game that will make you more excited than ever! How long can you stand it, see for yourself? Fast-paced, exhilarating gameplay where your goal is to eliminate slow-moving circles and blocks before they reach your shooter.

Specific gameplay

Point your cannon towards the portals you want to destroy with your mouse if you're playing on a computer, or your finger if you're playing on a mobile device. We recommend shooting through the portal with the biggest multiplier as doing so will greatly increase your cannon ammo count.

Do it because you have to open the gates in front of you and the numbers on them indicate how many balls have to go through them to do so. Then when you reach the house or any other type of building waiting for you at the end of the level make sure you have enough ammo to destroy it and complete the level. Try to complete the levels no matter how difficult they are afterwards while avoiding gates with dividers or other problematic math relationships.

Main features of the game

  • Addictive, fun game.
  • Touch control.
  • Lots of levels to shoot balls with cannon to knock down blocks
  • Unlock different tanks.
  • Upgrade your cannon.


You can use the mouse to play.