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Car Chase

About Car Chase


The police are chasing you, so just jump in your car and turn on Car Chase! To escape getting caught by the police, use your driving skills. Can you evade all their attempts to stop you?

These policemen are vicious and don't seem to want to take prisoners. In this game, elude the cops for as long as you can. Despite the fact that you are among the best drivers in the region, they are desperate to catch you. When you click "GO," the game will start. You can only change your car's direction when it is moving on its own by using the arrow keys. There are five different vehicles you may use in this game, but at beginning you can only drive one of them. You may unlock each of these cars, each of which has a different set of characteristics, if you have enough money. You may earn money by collecting the various money heaps strewn around the landscape. The police will try to ruin you by cooperating with you. The screen's upper right corner shows your health-related information. With each strike, you'll lose some of it, but if you hit one of the numerous adjacent rocks, you'll instantly die. Your score, which is based on how long you survive, may be seen at the top of the screen.

How to play

To control your car's direction, use the arrow keys.