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Coach Bus Simulator

About Coach Bus Simulator


Coach Bus Simulator is driving simulator that may be used to practice driving a real bus. Show guests stunning sites by bringing them from one city to another. Several stations must be visited, and numerous passengers must be moved. Do you possess the necessary skills to bypass each stage and negotiate the traffic?

Traffic remains a challenge for bus drivers even if using public transit is preferable than driving your own car. For each level to be completed in this game, all of the passengers must be transported between the different bus terminals. If you are unfamiliar with driving one of these big trucks, don't be concerned. The only controls needed to play this game are the WASD keys. By selecting the play button, you may launch the game. Just below that, go to the shop. In this game, you may choose from three different kinds of buses to operate. In the beginning, just one of them is available, but you may unlock the others with the money you earn by completing levels. A total of 10 unique levels make up the game. In order to start the engine when a level starts, you need click the engine button on the left side of the screen. The little map is seen above. Once you've done that, verify where you're going and try to get there safely. The level is complete after you've taken your visitors to the appropriate bus stop.

How to play

The WASD keys are used to drive the bus.