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Cook And Match: Sara's Adventure

About Cook And Match: Sara's Adventure


Cook And Match: Sara's Adventure is a puzzle game. Help Chef Sara complete jigsaw puzzles and collect the ingredients she wants!

Your help is needed if you want to make sure that Chef Sara's jigsaw puzzles are solved and she has the necessary ingredients. To create matchsticks, you need to arrange pieces of onion, bell pepper and cheese around and then arrange three or more identical symbols. More powerful bonus goods, such as chef knives, blenders, and pressure cookers, can be unlocked by achieving larger combos. As you progress in the game, the goal of each level will change, giving you different obstacles.

Simply follow the instructions and ask for assistance until you understand the reasoning behind the job. To transfer components, you must first hold them and then transfer them. The only method to get these elements is to line up three or more elements in a row, so you should focus your attention on matching the elements in the list. If you combine more than three things, you will be rewarded with boosters that look like cute little kitchens. These boosters will assist you in destroying everything in a certain area, thus allowing you to accumulate more points.

To move an icon to another tile, tap or click the icon, then drag it. You are allowed to swap any two cards that are close to each other, but the final result of each move must be a valid combination of three or more of the same card. You can determine what products you need by following Sara's shopping list.

How to play

Use your mouse to play this fun game! Follow the game instructions shown on the screen!