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About Cratemage


Today, a wizard named Harry must sneak into an old prison to discover magical relics hidden in boxes.

In the game CrateMage, you will start this journey with the main character. Your character will appear first on the screen, where they will wait at the entrance of the dungeon. You will control its operations with the joystick.

Your hero's quest will be to search for boxes with magical lights burning while navigating the dungeons' corridors and passages. Our hero will have to pick up different things after casting a spell to break them. Harry will face trials and dangers along the way that, with your guidance, Harry must avoid if he wants to survive.

A dungeon full of puzzles where you must control containers if you want to find hidden riches!

To overcome some brain-bending obstacles, match boxes with your magic spheres and time their movements.

A game of 20 puzzles of varying complexity that requires the application of basic physics to magically connect the boxes in various ways.

WASD to move. Left mouse button on crate to link an orb. Right mouse button on bin to unlink an orb. Spacebar to recall all orbs. Mute music. R restarts the level.