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Crowd City 2

About Crowd City 2


A charismatic leader can persuade followers to follow them wherever they go. Let's draw crowds to you in the fantastic and addictive game Crowd City 2. There are many single people in the city who are seeking for a trustworthy leader to follow. Can you play the role of that leader in this demanding and fun game? Get in the battle if that's the case!

Crowd City 2 is an incredibly captivating game with online multiplayer and colorful 3D graphics. Your objective in the.io game is to move around the city and gather the biggest crowd in order to either outnumber your rivals or have the most followers when the timer runs out in order to win. To make it easier for you to identify your crowd when things get too busy on the map, you can choose a color for yourself before the game starts.Nine vivid colors are available for you to choose from. When you're ready to begin the competition, click the play button. Like in many other.io games, you'll see a number of other people on the map that share your objective. At first, you will be by yourself. Any white people you spot roaming around the city are your main targets. They will begin to adopt your colour and join your group as you draw nearer. At the very top, you can see how many people are in your audience. Pay attention to this number in addition to the inhabitants who are unsure of their position because you can convert other players' players if you have a larger crowd than them. When the countdown in the upper left corner of the screen ends, the player with the most viewers is deemed the round's victor. The upper right corner of the screen displays the scoreboard.

How to play

Hold down the left mouse button while pressing it to move around the map.