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Draw Joust

About Draw Joust


Draw Joust is a wonderful painting and design game. Players must define their own boundaries in order to properly build the car and defeat the rival.

Be ready to focus your own faith in the direction of success or failure! Your result in this enjoyable action game is all up to you. Either you succeed and retain your dignity, or you fail. No matter what happens, you need make every attempt to beat your opponent in this brutal joust battle by picking the best sketching style.

Your drawn adversary will shortly approach the area of combat. You must adopt a tactical shape for your vehicle's balance, strength, and endurance if you want to be the last warrior standing. To beat the competing vehicle, your primary objective in this fighting-based action game is to build a strong and well-planned vehicle. All you need is a mouse and enough guts to do this challenge. Drag the mouse to draw the vehicle, start the fight, vanquish the other player, and progress through the levels to the finale. With the money you earn through victories, you may buy new skins and weapons, increase your speed and health, and more. Keep an eye on your pattern and connect every weapon to the scene. If not, as the conflict begins, the weapons will fall to the ground. Drawing lofty shapes should be avoided since they could collapse during an attack.

How to play

Draw using your mouse.