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Draw Leg

About Draw Leg


It's time to draw some legs in Draw Leg and progress through the game's many challenging stages. Let's use your magic pen to move the cube. Will you be able to finish each level and accumulate enough money to get access to new items? Because it lacks the necessary limbs, a cube is immobile.

While cubes cannot move, spheres can. Every level of this game requires you to cross the finish line. Clicking the play button will let you play with your mouse. Your cube will wait for you to give it legs when you play the game. In the box at the bottom of the game screen, you are able to create a line that will act as your cube's legs. Draw it with your mouse, and don't forget that you may modify the design at any time. You must overcome a variety of barriers, so try your best to draw the strongest legs you can in order to proceed without any problems. how much money you can amass in coins Through the in-game interface, they may be utilized to access alternative character skins. In the top left corner of the screen, you can see your coin balance.

How to play

Use your mouse to play this game and give your cube legs.