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Drift 3 io

About Drift 3 io


Drift 3 io is a fun game where you control your car to go around flat areas without falling and avoiding other cars.

Drift 3 io is yours right here. The third installment of the Drift video game series is now available! This racetrack is possibly the most thrilling. You have a chance to enjoy and compete with other players in avoiding driving by participating in this game. Ready to join this race?

Here, there are only two possible outcomes: you lose or you finish first in each race. How can one be successful? There is no other choice but to survive. Although it seems easy, it is quite difficult to put it into practice. Watch out for moving opponents as they can quickly knock you out of the race. In addition, management is also challenging due to the significant variation in the length and width of the track.

Even if it seems simple, try to picture yourself driving a car while sitting in a car. You risk falling and having to start over in regret if you lose control.
To turn your car in a new direction, you must press and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.

Use your mouse to move your car