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Dunkers Fight 2P

About Dunkers Fight 2P


This sports game has fun and engaging gameplay. This is a highly rated game and a lot of players have joined this game, you can also invite your friends to play and challenge each other Stop waiting and start this race right at our website we!

Main content

This contest is a contest between two people. The screen in front of you will start to look like a basketball court. The left half of the field is occupied by your player and the right half is occupied by his opponent. The contest will start at the signal. You will need to try to control the basketball that will appear in the middle of the field before you can start attacking the other team's penalty area.

You will need to defeat him and move to a specific distance before throwing the character with the skill. You will throw the ball over the basket if your aim is correct. You will get points and will win if you get a lot of points.

Main goal of the game

Trying to throw the ball into the basket is your main task. Select the game mode and get started. Jump, bounce and try to throw the ball into the basket above. Try to get the ball back from your opponent if he snatches it from you. Don't worry you have many chances to remove points, but don't let your opponent lead too many rounds.

How to play

  • Player 1 Move: Using the A and EASY keys
  • Shoot: W-KEYS
  • Player 2 Move: Left-Right Arrow keys
  • Up-Down Arrow keys