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Earn To Die 2

About Earn To Die 2


Let's destroy all zombies in Earn To Die 2. Your mission is to drive a truck and destroy all zombies. Try to kill as many zombies before running out of fuel.

Conquer many places in EarnTo Die 2

Zombies are dominating all places in the world and you need to kill them to find food. However, your fuel is limited, so you must drive as fast as possible. May zombies will appear on the road. Let's crash them with your iron truck. When you kill many zombies, you can get some coins. The coins can be used to upgrade your truck. Then, it can be stronger and destroy zombies effectively. Of course, your truck can move faster and longer. Our fnf mods website also give many zombie games for you such as Noob Vs Zombies, Minecraft Noob Vs Zombies 3, etc. You can come and experience many exciting games.

How To Control

  • Use arrow keys to control the car.
  • Use the up key for acceleration.
  • Use the left/right key for tilting.

Features of Earn To Die 2

  • The game has impressive graphics which can attract players at the first play.
  • Many stages can challenge your skills. Of course, the later stages will be more difficult.
  • You can play the game in your leisure time to relax.