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ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet

About ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet


Let's save our earth in ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet is in need of your help. Now is the right time to show your gratitude. Are you ready to play this game?

Select the game mode in ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet

You may choose actions in this game that will affect your future. Choose from Save the Earth, Seaspiracy, and Climate Strike as your game modes. There are two new gameplays that are presently under development but have not yet been released. Your map will give you the choice to pick your headquarters continent once you've decided on one of these possibilities. The remaining options are yours. The timelapse is shown in the screen's top right corner to the right.

Show your IQ with ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet

When it comes to the future of nature, you have a lot of alternatives to consider. This is particularly valid for future catastrophes. You may either prepare for these tragedies or disregard them. The results of your acts will be your responsibility. By making wise financial decisions and moving promptly, you can rescue the environment, the animals, and mother nature. Besides this game, we recommended other games for you like Geometry Dash Eventide, FNF Mods, Roller Ski Queen, Geometry Dash Tsuretette, etc.