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Emoji Guess Puzzle


About Emoji Guess Puzzle


A fun puzzle game that tests your emoji knowledge is Emoji Guess Puzzle. The goal is to choose the right emoji set that matches the given puzzle.

Emoji Guess Puzzle's lively puzzles will test your guessing ability. To encode phrases and movie titles, select the appropriate emoji. As you pass the levels of this weird quiz for teenagers, your understanding of words, puzzles, and emoji usage will increase.

The main content of the game Emoji Guess Puzzle

Use mini graphics, word games and communication issues to your advantage! Nowadays, emojis are used frequently. With the help of these little graphics we can express our love, sadness and actions. They can symbolize food, flags, love, people at work or even animals! Any story can be told with emojis and this quiz will test your storytelling abilities!

Note when completing levels and hints

  • Use the emojis listed below to describe the image above or tell an in-game story. While other levels require you to use puns to interpret phrases, other levels encourage you to be creative.
  • Guess three times before the stars run out or you can watch a few short commercials for jokes and hints.
  • Get three stars by completing the levels perfectly.
  • Complete every level with the highest score possible to show your ability to use emoji language and literature. Meet new difficulties as you explore over a hundred levels!

Easy to play and control with the game

You need to use your mouse to click on the image you choose in this game.