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Epic Hole Runner

About Epic Hole Runner


Epic Hole Runner is an arcade game in which you have to control a hole. You need to collect all things along the way. Then, grow your hole to get more gems.

How to play Epic Hole Runner

A new kind of game appeared on our website. In this game, you will own a magical hole. Your mission is to collect all objects such as trees, vehicles, etc. There are no things that can stop you. When you are bigger, you can get more things. Your hole even can collect humans on the road. Reaching the destination with a big size will help you get many gems. If you like more challenges, Vex 6 can satisfy you. Now, play the game and swallow all things you see.

Which devices can access this game

The game is playable on PCs and mobile thanks to HTML5 technology. Therefore, you can play this game every time you want. Good luck to you!


Swipe the mouse to steer the hole.