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Fierce Shot

About Fierce Shot


With Fierce Shot, secure your spot in the soccer competition in the anime world! Earn coins and skill points, compete with daring enemies, enter tournaments and see if you can make it to the final! Discover awesome attacks to defeat your opponents on the playing field and show off your prowess.

Specific goal of the game

Stay away from other players and watch the countdown below. Successful hits will fill up the upper shot's energy bar, helping to elevate your subsequent shots. To learn how to use that talent, you can check out the in-game tutorial. By winning matches, you can get skill points to enhance your talents in the profile menu. To unlock all the talents, get ready for trophies and competitions, stay up to date with the news and win them all. Make the most of your special talents and complete quests!

With these obstacles you can pass an anime soccer competition! This match will be unlike any you've been to before, so keep your feet warm and your senses nimble. Draw a path for the ball while keeping an eye on your opponent's position on the field. You can use a curve to fool your opponent.

How to play

Use mouse to join this game.