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Flip Diving

About Flip Diving


Flip Diving is a game for those who are passionate about swimming sports, especially like the challenge, perform somersaults from above into the water.

Practice carefully before diving into the cold water. Prepare to complete all the challenges in the best possible way as this diving tournament will test your ability to discover perfection in every move.

In this game, the leap in height and body posture when you fall are the only factors that count. In this situation, you want to avoid doing an awkward backflip or skipping the dive by diving straight in. All you have to do to free fall is click on the left side and hold it until you are at the right position and angle. When you're ready to see your character finish descending, let go of the left click.

If you complete the fall successfully, you will go up the platform further until you reach the next level. You'll be able to reach harder parkour as you progress in the game and unlock better characters to offer variety. Test your stylish splash right now!

How to play

Once you have determined the ideal position and direction for free fall, left click and hold it. To start diving, left click.