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Fly Car Stunt 4


About Fly Car Stunt 4


Fly Car Stunt 4 has challenging courses that are waiting for you! Get inside your car and turn on the engine. The roads here are challenging to drive on. You could stretch your limits in this exhilarating game as you encounter a range of challenges and barriers.

This one offers two separate game modes, each with a unique objective. The default setting is solo play. The object of the game is to complete each track as soon as you can without tripping over any platforms. Be alert to any threats and carefully arrange your maneuvers to stay on course. The second option is the 2-player mode. You might compete with your friend if you use the same keyboard. You must complete the level ahead of your friend in order to win. Each game mode has 15 levels, which are unlocked one at a time.


  • Vivid 3D images.
  • 15 challenging stages to complete.
  • Support for two players.
  • Drive all 8 of the unlocked automobiles.

How to play

When driving alone, use the WASD keys to drive your vehicle, and the N key to engage the nitrogen booster. In two-player mode, the WASD keys are used to steer your car, and the T key engages the nitro boost for player 1. The arrow keys are used to steer your car as the second player. To turn on the nitro boost, use the N key. Use the R key to reset the level.