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Fnaf Shooter

About Fnaf Shooter


When you sign up for Fnaf Shooter, you'll be fighting in a dark supermarket scenario like Five Nights at Freddy's.

Avoid staying up late at the grocery store! Every night, funny and cute cartoons come to life. However, you have a lot of interesting things in store for you.

You will have to persevere for a while to live. Your character will arrive at a certain location fully equipped with a variety of weapons, including grenades.

You can direct your hero's activities using the joystick. You will have to force him to continue.

Take a close look at you. Monsters of all kinds will keep coming to you. You have to aim your weapon at them while keeping your distance from them, then shoot when you are within striking distance to destroy them. You can get points by eliminating your opponent by making accurate shots. Monsters can drop a variety of loot when they die that you have to collect.

They cut off the power and started looking for the rest of the tourists. Only you can control them.

A broken arm or leg isn't enough to stop a naughty enemy from spying on you; they are extremely durable. They can only be removed by tearing them apart. Save the earth against animatronics invasion by staying alive!

FNaF Shooter is developed by GoGoMan


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Unique enemy
  • Various weapons
  • Spooky atmosphere


Mouse - look around WASD - move W + Shift - Run Left mouse button - Fire right mouse button (Hold) - Targeting wheel - next weapon/leading 1-7 - weapon hotkey R - load F again - attack with knife G - throw grenade T - check weapon