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FNF Arcade World vs Pac-Man V2

About FNF Arcade World vs Pac-Man V2


FNF Arcade World vs Pac-Man V2 is the next exciting rhythm mod in which Daddy Dearest holds Girlfriend and Boyfriend inside Pac-Man video game machine.

The latest combo to combine the universes of Friday Night Funkin and Mr. Pac-Man is called FNF Arcade World VS Pac-Man V2 (FNF Arcade World VS Pac-Man V2). Because everyone's favorite and most beloved couple is currently trapped in the Pac-Man Arcade game, the only way for them to get out of the zone is to win the musical duels.

FNF Arcade World Vs Pac-Man V2 is one of the most popular FNF Mods based on Friday Night Funkin game. You can choose to play this Arcade World Vs Pac-Man FNF Mod in Easy mode if you find the Normal level too difficult. Daddy Dearest puts GF and BF in a Pac-Man video game machine and closes the door behind them in this FNF Arcade World Vs Pac-Man V2 Mod. Instead of teaming up with him to take on some of the Ghosts, Boyfriend chooses to go head-to-head with Pac-Man. Pac-GhostBunBun Man's v2 includes a total of eight tracks.

After making the choice between the narration mode and the free play option, you should know that in any case the goal of the game is for you to complete the song by playing their respective notes. with rankings.

This shows that you need to press the arrow keys at the same time whenever the same arrow symbols appear on the BF. Note that you do not skip doing too many times in a row, or you will lose. We wish each of you the very best, and good luck!


You can play Arcade World Vs Pac-Man V2 FNF Online Mod by navigating with WASD or Arrow Keys. When noting the judgment line, you are asked to press the appropriate keys. By using Enter key, Arcade World Vs Pac-Man V2 Mod can be started or paused.