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FNF but Funni Week 3 Mod

About FNF but Funni Week 3 Mod


FNF but Funni Week 3 Mod has Pico and is a fun hack. He's back with three new original songs: "Pico," "Philly Nice," and "Blamed." During the game, there will be a lot of memes and jokes that will happen at random.

You can choose between the story mode and the free-play mode. You need to match the arrows on the screen to the keys on the computer. If you do this, the progress bar will turn green, which means you've won. If you don't hit these lines, the bar will turn red, and you'll lose. So move fast and pay attention. Best of luck!

Week 3 of FNF But Funni Skyfall 1002 is credited for the charts and song production.
Pico's idea came from Myke Legin, whose BF and GF Picture by: jose_otavio1000
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