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FNF but Funni Week 4 Mod

About FNF but Funni Week 4 Mod


FNF but Funni Week 4 Mod is a new episode in the world of Friday Night Funking. Another version of a custom week from FNF has been remade, with Mommy Must Murder playing the role of the villain in this one. You will compete against her in three different songs. Throughout the course of the performance, there will be an assortment of hilarious antics and memes taking place. Therefore, get ready to laugh your head off! If you want to win against the mother, all you have to do is make sure you're singing along perfectly with the songs. As soon as the arrows begin to show on the screen, you should immediately begin to match them up with the appropriate keys on your keyboard. I hope you enjoy yourself and that everything works well for you.