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FNF Friday Night Fever Mod

About FNF Friday Night Fever Mod


FNF Friday Night Fever Mod is a high-quality modification of Friday Night Funkin that has 20 new songs. It tells the story of Fever, who is the mayor of Fever Town, an abandoned place on the map that has become a haven, thieves, scumbags, and other people who have been kicked out of their homes. Join Fever on his trip through Fever Town and watch the story unfold as he puts his voice to the test against all kinds of strange creatures.

How to play

To play the Friday Night Funkin vs. Fever Town mod online on your PC, make sure the arrows are on the top arrow and the arrow marks are coming from below. Then, press the exact arrows as the notes hit the judgment line. You use the Enter key to start or stop the game. You can use R to start over and M to turn off the sound.


. You can move your character with the WASD or Arrow Keys.
. Hold on! and use the Up, Down, Left, and Right buttons to beat your enemies.