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FNF Music 3D

About FNF Music 3D


FNF Music 3D game is a video game about music and rhythm

  • In it you will have to participate in battles against your girlfriend's father. In it, the player has to pass many levels, called "week" week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, etc., each level consists of three songs...
  • FNF Music 3D is a skill based rhythm game where your goal is to tap the correct button at the right time to earn some points and push the power meter bar in your favor before the song end.
  • Each match will end after the song is complete. However, a match can also end prematurely if your meter bar is depleted.

There are two game modes you can choose: Story Mood and Free Play. In Story Mood mode, you have to pass 6 levels, while in Free Play mode allows you to experiment with any choice. Let's get started now!!!

How to play FNF Music 3D: WASD or Arrow Keys in time with the music.
Wish you happy gaming!