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FNF Roblox Doors Vs Rush - 1up Cartoon

About FNF Roblox Doors Vs Rush - 1up Cartoon


FNF Roblox Doors Vs Rush - 1up Cartoon is a fun game where you challenge the Rush monster from the Roblox Doors game. Get started with challenges!

Are you ready for the epic finale of Funkin Friday Night? FNF Mods just released Doors Vs Rush - 1up Cartoon for Roblox. FNF Roblox Doors is back with a Vs Rush version, also known as 1up Cartoons, which only has one song, but we're sure you'll love it, as well as with all of our daily mods!

In this Friday Night Funkin Mod, new enemies are waiting for you, you will be on a mission to conquer your girlfriend's heart. By defeating your opponents in the rap battle, convince your fiance's father.

Will the boyfriend be able to escape when he logs into Roblox Doors and meets Rush? Dawn and his colleagues created a one off mod to let you guys listen to the 1up animated door tune.

To type notes, you must press the same arrow keys when the floating arrow symbols on the BF are exactly aligned. You have to play the entire song to win, so be careful not to hit consecutive notes too often, or you'll run out of health bars and lose.

How to play

To play the game on your computer you can use WASD or Arrow Keys. When the note hits the review line, you have to press the keys. The Enter key can be used to start or stop.