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FNF Spooky Mod

About FNF Spooky Mod


FNF Spooky Mod: In this game, you will face two special characters, Skid and Pump, two children dressed as devils and skeletons on Halloween. You will have to show off your rapping ability by pressing the arrow keys according to the rhythm of the song. If you do it right, you will win and wow Skid and Pump. If you do it wrong, you will lose and be teased by Skid and Pump.

The FNF Spooky Month game has many highlights

• The music is upbeat and humorous, with many Halloween-themed songs, such as Spooky Month, South, Monster, Bopeebo, and Fresh.

• Lovely and humorous images, with many expressions and movements of the characters

• The plot is fun and engaging, with many funny situations between you and Skid and Pump.

• The difficulty increases gradually over the weeks, requiring you to concentrate and have good reflexes.

• There are many different game modes, from easy, medium, hard, and extremely difficult, for you to challenge yourself.