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About FNF vs AGOTI Mod


FNF vs AGOTI Mod is a fascinating music battle game in which your mission is to use arrow keys to hit music notes in the correct time to gain scores.

Coming to this game, you continue to participate in musical battles with the Boyfriend character to protect the Girlfriend. To play this game, you use the arrow keys to hit the correct notes to the music of the song. There are 3 different modes in this game. There is Story Mode, Free Play and Endless. Endless mode is a completely new mode compared to other versions of the FNF series.

In Story Mode, you will conquer 1 Week to defeat the ferocious Agoti. Choose the difficulty level that suits your level. Easy, Normal, and Hard are always available for you to choose and take turns during the game. In Free Play mode, you have the opportunity to choose from 3 options: Screenplay, parasite and Agoti. Endless mode allows you to play endless musical battles. You only die when you hit too many wrong notes.

Features of FNF vs AGOTI Mod

  • The fast-paced music arcade game
  • 2 game modes
  • Vivid graphics and cool art animations

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to play this game