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FNF vs Four (Battle for Dream Island) Mod


About FNF vs Four (Battle for Dream Island) Mod


FNF vs Four (Battle for Dream Island) Mod is exciting new game in which Boyfriend fights rhythmically with Four and X from Battle for Dream Island.

This game is classified as Arcade. FNF VS Four from BFDI (Friday Night Funkin') is a full week FNF mod inspired by the animated web series Battle for Dream Island (BFDI).

Four - a charming character that we often gobble up. Plug in a microphone and perform your squeezing skills against Four, some of the reasons why he serves as one of the main villains in BFDI

What opponent will Boyfriend face next, as it's currently happening as we invite everyone to play the amazing new mod FNF vs Four (Battle for Dream Island), where an ice cream cone is the only character playable? Show up and engage in a battle with our protagonist, which we hope you win?

The game is also very lively in every way, which elevates the professionalism of the game. Therefore, if you are a devoted fan, this FNF vs Four (Battle for Dream Island) mod will surpass all your expectations.

The FNF vs Four (Battle for Dream Island) mod is now available to download from the FNF Online website for game developers. Your smartphone will have the mod installed in just a few easy steps. You can then enjoy it anytime you like, which can really aid your ability to relax.


  • Use mouse to play this game
  • Wish you happy gaming!