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FNF vs Garcello Mod

About FNF vs Garcello Mod


FNF vs Garcello Mod is an intriguing rhythm arcade game in which you will fight Garcello using arrow keys to hit music notes following to the correct order.

FNF is back with a new version, named FNF vs Garcello Mode! In this game, you continue the quest to conquer your lover by using arrow keys to hit the right notes at the right time to score points. You should pay close attention because the game offers fast and powerful melodies with notes that appear continuously and non-stop.

Garcello is a cartoon character with a carefree look and a cigarette in his hand. He invites you to smoke but you don't want to. Then, he challenged you to rock music. Show your abilities and defeat him.

Story Mode requires you to win Week G. There won't be any other Weeks for you to practice before. In Free Play mode, you can choose 1 of 4 options: Headache. Nerves, Release and Fading to play and enjoy.

Features of FNF vs Garcello Mod

  • The new version with Garcello character
  • 2 game modes
  • Colourful and eye-catching graphics

Overcoming the challenges of this game you continue to conquer the next challenges in the same game as fnf mods will never let you down

How to play

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to play the game