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FNF vs Hex Mod [Full Week] Mod


About FNF vs Hex Mod [Full Week] Mod


FNF vs Hex Mod [Full Week] Mod is a fascinating music arcade game. In this game, you can defeat Hex by getting a higher score by hitting music notes correctly.

This game has two modes: Story Mode and Free Play. In Story Mode, you can join in Week X stage and Weekend X stage. In the Week X stage, you can change the difficulty of the stage with 3 modes: Easy, Normal and Hard. In particular, when you switch between WeekX and WeekendX, the background also changes from bright to dark. If you are curious about the graphics, join to enjoy now.

Free Play mode provides you with different stages like Dunk, RAM, Hello World or Glitcher. There are many more stages and you need to complete the previous stages to unlock the new stage. After each play, the stages will record your achievements and your ranking position. Try to end stages with a fixed time for each stage.

Features of FNF vs Hex Mod [Full Week] Mod

  • The music arcade game for singleplayer
  • Compete with Hex, a smart robot
  • Colourful and superb graphics

How to play

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to play the game