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FNF VS Jordan Mod

About FNF VS Jordan Mod


FNF VS Jordan Mod is a music game based on the popular game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). In this game, you will face Jordan, a character inspired by Michael Jordan, a legendary basketball player. You will have to show off your rapping ability by pressing the arrow keys according to the rhythm of the song. If you do it right, you will win and make Jordan concede. If you do it wrong, you will lose and be ridiculed by Jordan.

The FNF vs. Jordan Mod game has many highlights

• Lively and unique music, with many basketball-inspired songs such as Slam Dunk, Air Jordan, Space Jam, and Hoop Dreams

• Beautiful and modern visuals, with many expressions and movements of the characters

• The plot is humorous and engaging, with many situations and witty dialogues between you and Jordan.

• The difficulty increases gradually over the weeks, requiring you to concentrate and have good reflexes.

• There are many different game modes, from easy, medium, hard, and extremely difficult, for you to challenge yourself.