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FNF vs Mistful Crimson Morning Mod

About FNF vs Mistful Crimson Morning Mod


FNF vs Mistful Crimson Morning Mod is a fun and clever mod, Boyfriend returns to Biniki Bottom to fight Squidward in the rap part, but this time with a twist.

To take part in the ultimate Friday night Funkin battle, are you ready? The latest FNF Mod is FNF vs Mistful Crimson Morning. FNF vs Mistful Crimson Morning Mod has pretty good playability although the latter becomes quite difficult

Friday Night Funkin' joins the world of SpongeBob SquarePants in the FNF Vs mod. Mistful Crimson Morning, and Boyfriend will face some obstacles against some of the heroes of the popular animated network show. Mistful Crimson Morning, which is inspired by Creepypasta Squidward's famous S* and gives you no less than 13 tracks against enemies with a quick tempo, but the heroes Boyfriend will have to face are all the same ones. pervert

Boyfriend and Girlfriend meet Squidward while walking home from a failed concert performance in which they end up rapping for no reason. Boyfriend and Squidward Tentacles will face off against each other three times in story mode in rap battles over 'Disgrace' and 'Fog' tracks (warning: there will be gunshots!) Similar to 'Apocalypse.' You can play 10 more songs in the Freeplay menu with Robot Chicken characters, MeatCanyon or even other SpongeBob franchise heroes.

This is one of the FNF mods based on the most famous Friday Night Funkin game FNF Vs Mistful Crimson Morning. Since the Mistful Crimson Morning FNF mod is a bit challenging, you can play in Easy mode. Boyfriend and Squidward had a rap battle in Biniki Bottom in This FNF versus Mistful Crimson Morning Mod, but this time there was a twist.

How to play?

You can play Vs. Mistful Crimson Morning FNF Online Mod with WASD or Arrow Keys. When the notes reach the decision line, you must press the keys. With Enter key you can start or stop VS Mistful Crimson Morning Mod.