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FNF Vs Nonsense Mod

About FNF Vs Nonsense Mod


FNF Vs Nonsense Mod is a fun rhythm game with a good story to attract players, you will have to face unpleasant characters and overcome challenges.

This is a funny mod of Friday Night Funkin, a character gets into a rap war with their boyfriend and gets a lot of junk. The internet is flooded with discussions about FNF vs Nonsense. You can play with funny mood in this mod.

Friday Night Funkin's FNF Vs Nonsense Mod pits you against an unusual character in a humorous and wacky mode. is the best. Common Sense, Highlights, Context, and a bonus song are three unreleased songs that will be used for the challenge. The game features fully voiced cutscenes and brand new gameplay elements; Based on how much you can identify songs, events and cutscenes can change.

In the rap battle, where the opponent can sometimes scare the opponent, this mod will sometimes bring out the weird and funny humor, bringing a little bit of fun. You have to find out for yourself by winning all the battles and making as few recording mistakes as possible, but Nonsense is also keeping a secret.

You will continue to play this game and face new opponents as you try to win your lover. By defeating your opponent in the rap battle, you can convince your girlfriend's father.


  • There are 4 new songs
  • Difficulties and challenges
  • Scripted events
  • Voiceover animation cutscenes


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