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FNF vs QT Mod 2.0 Mod


About FNF vs QT Mod 2.0 Mod


FNF vs QT Mod 2.0 Mod is a funny and entertaining modification of Friday Night Funkin, Boyfriend sings and dances opposite of QT because she is a beautiful robot and KB

Here takes place an epic musical rhythm battle between Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) and a cute little girl who is far from the surface. All songs, including Terminate and Stop, are unlocked and available immediately.

One of the most loved Friday Night Funkin' mods is this one. Since this QT Mod 2.0 FNF Mod is a bit challenging, you can also play it in Easy mode. In this FNF QT Mod 2.0 Mod, which is the sequel to this mod, you have to defeat your enemies to win the affection of your girlfriend and her father.

You go to the alley to investigate after listening to the music there. You spot a beautiful girl enjoying some music. You accept when she asks if you want to sing with her.

Warning! This mod is extremely challenging! Play Hard only if you believe you are a competent player because the difficulty of the third song increases.

Also, since this mod has double and triple notes, you should use DFJK or anything similar when playing!

New opponents are waiting for you in this Friday Night Funkin Mod, join now to face those hateful opponents!


To play FNF QT Mod 2.0 Online Mod on your pc, use WASD or Arrow Keys. As soon as the notes reach the conclusion line, you have to press the keys. With Enter key, you can start or stop QT Mod 2.0.